Animations of the topography of the seabed. Created from the bathymetric surveys during the expedition.

Bathymetry of station 4 of the AleutBio expedition.
Animation of the station’s surroundings from the real data. The station is located on the northern slope of the Aleutian Trench. The lowland opens towards the trench. The water depth here is 4,600 metres. The animation shows elevation differences amplified 3-fold.
© Dr Anne-Cathrin Wölfl & Kevin Kess
Bathymetry of the journey from Station 3 to Station 4 of the AleutBio Expedition. From the Bering Sea to the Aleutian Trench
Animation of the route from the actual data. The water depth ranges from 270 to 4,735 metres. The animation shows altitude differences amplified 6 times.
© Dr Anne-Cathrin Wölfl & Kevin Kess