Our expedition has been included in the UN Decade of Ocean Exploration!

Under the motto “Creating the Ocean We Want,” the UN Decade of Ocean Exploration for Sustainable Development (#Link) has been under way around the world since June of last year and will continue until 2030. Our “AleutBio Expedition SO293” has now been officially declared a… more

Thank you very much and Good bye

On 29th August we finished the easternmost transect (stations 12-14) and reached our additional station 15 after about 5 hours of travel time. The last faunal greeting we send is a picture of a beautiful octopus, probably the species Grimpoteuthis imperator Ziegler & Sagorny, 2021. It had… more

A time to thank

This is my second and last Blog for the AleutBio Expedition. We started this great hadal adventure 44 days ago. I want to thank the people on board, who all generously shared their knowledge with me, the methods and preliminary results of their scientific research projects.… more

Aleutian Trench - Aleutian Amphipod Heaven

Our cruise examining the Aleutian Trench will soon be over, we have finished the last station, packed up the labs, and now even stacked everything into the shipping containers. What is left then? All the rest of the science! We have lots and lots of… more

Sailor's tail

Dear readers, Today is a sunny day. It is pleasant, not too warm, not too cold. I have a ball of yarn in my pocket here at sea. A big roll of yarn. You’ve heard quite a bit about us, about our life aboard the… more