It's done - The first AleutBio thesis has been submitted!

Dear readers, as you know, we have several students supporting us in the AleutBio project, such as student assistants for sorting work or bachelor’s and master’s students who are working on their own projects with us, actively contributing to our current research and providing support.… more

Diving into the eternal darkness of the deep sea at the Frankfurt Zoo

Dear readers, the Night of the Museums is a cultural event in Frankfurt. This year, 40 institutions opened their doors between 7 PM and 2 AM to captivate visitors with their exhibitions throughout the night. As always, the Senckenberg Museum participated, this time even at… more

AleutBio goes GfBS

Dear Readers (and today special greetings Mrs Kelch, Mrs Knauber, Mrs Kohlenbach, Mrs Akdogan, and Mrs Schienbein)! Sometimes scientists are accused to be locked away in ivory towers. When our project started, we really wanted to do something about it, and one way was to… more

The work just started…!

Working with the Multicorer and taking the samples during the expedition was just the beginning of the investigation. With these samples we hope to shed some light on the distribution and diversity of meiofaunal organisms, in my case on harpacticoid Copepoda. While we (Team DZMB)… more