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Art: Explorations in the Aleutian Trench
The image above contributes to the results of the AleutBio expedition by highlighting and visualising the biodiversity of marine organisms, thus contributing to their understanding. As a participant in the AleutBio expedition, I discussed the OFOS videos with UNAM students, including Maria Fernanda Rivera Orozco,… more


Hello dear readers, Here we are, right in the middle – just like on an oceanic voyage when half the journey is done. Though we haven’t hoisted colourful flags in the wind, after a year full of adventures, it’s time to pause briefly and take… more

First of their kind: Two new Paramesochridae species from the Aleutian Trench, North Pacific

Species within the harpacticoid family Paramesochridae are typically associated with intertidal and subtidal habitats, as well as with groundwater ones (Gheerardyn & Veit-Köhler 2009). Until now, no species of this family was found in habitats deeper than 5,389 m (Wells 2007, Gheerardyn & Veit-Köhler 2009,… more

It's done - The first AleutBio thesis has been submitted!

Dear readers, as you know, we have several students supporting us in the AleutBio project, such as student assistants for sorting work or bachelor’s and master’s students who are working on their own projects with us, actively contributing to our current research and providing support.… more