Scientific cooperation all over the world

Being at the research vessel in a remote part of the Pacific, with no mobile network and quite restricted access to the Internet, one may feel that the ordinary world with its problems is really far away. And also that the global politics has nothing… more

Peering into the abyss

When biologists study deep sea animals, mostly we don’t get to see them in their natural habitat. We work from specimens that are carefully collected and preserved. In previous blog posts for this cruise, the team has written about some of the different types of… more

Wonderful world of worms!

51° 37‘ N | 170° 28′ W After leaving the Bering Sea, we have arrived near the Aleutian Trench for our deeper sites (4.000 to 7.200 m)! Hi, my name is Candace Grimes, and I am a postdoctoral researcher from the University of North Carolina… more

The seen and the unseen

On this expedition, we are trying to find out which animals live in the water between us and the seabed. We are concentrating on what is known as “zooplankton”. This includes all animals that cannot fight currents and mostly drift in the water. Zooplankton includes… more

“Deep-sea science in the Bering Sea”

My name is Angelo, I am an Italian researcher working at the “Molecular Invertebrate Systematics and Ecology” lab at the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa (Japan). My general research interest includes marine diversity, molecular systematics, and evolution. Over my career I have focused on… more