Participation Opportunity: Seascape Alaska Expeditions To Increase Understanding of Deep Waters Off Alaska

From May through September 2023, NOAA and partners will conduct the Seascape Alaska series of expeditions on NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer. The primary goal of these six telepresence-enabled ocean exploration expeditions is improving knowledge about unexplored and poorly understood deepwater areas offshore Alaska, with a… more

"A new habitat" - for 6 weeks

Day 25 on the AleutBio expedition. It’s 6:30 am. The alarm clock rings, breakfast is at 7:00. A quick stab with a stick in the nose, then 15 min later: negative. The ship, RV Sonne, rocks comfortably back and forth. Everyone who expects a blog… more

Oxygen (O2) a key player in nature - dynamics and zonation in deep sea sediments

My name is Frank Wenzhöfer and I am a scientist at the Alfred-Wegner Institute Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Research (Bremerhaven, Germany) and the University of Southern Denmark – Danish Center for Hadal Research (Odense, Denmark). My main research interests are in the fields… more

Peering into the abyss

When biologists study deep sea animals, mostly we don’t get to see them in their natural habitat. We work from specimens that are carefully collected and preserved. In previous blog posts for this cruise, the team has written about some of the different types of… more

What goes down, has to come up again

Hi! I’m Freddy and I’m starting my PhD studies. The deep sea floor is what interests me. More accurately, what type of copepods inhabit the sediment. These animals belong to the crustaceans. They can be found swimming in the water column, above and within the… more