Henry Knauber and Andreas Kelch at the Night of the Museums at the Frankfurt Zoo

Diving into the eternal darkness of the deep sea at the Frankfurt Zoo

Dear readers,

the Night of the Museums is a cultural event in Frankfurt. This year, 40 institutions opened their doors between 7 PM and 2 AM to captivate visitors with their exhibitions throughout the night.

As always, the Senckenberg Museum participated, this time even at two different locations. This is because the Frankfurt Zoo selects a theme for the Night of the Museums each year, and this year it was “Wonderful World of Oceans.”
As an addition to the zoo’s evening program, we set up a Senckenberg information booth at the Exotarium, focusing on current marine and deep-sea research. The main topic of conversation for the evening was AleutBio, which Henry and I were able to inspire many visitors with throughout the night. We had many engaging conversations throughout the evening. We shared our experiences from the expedition with people of all ages, talked extensively about deep-sea research, and hopefully raised awareness about the deep-sea ecosystem and its inhabitants among many visitors. By the end of the evening, we were both exhausted from hours of talking (in the heat of the Exotarium), but we both felt that we were able to reach many people.

Now, back in our familiar environment with daylight, best wishes from the institute