OFOS (Ocean Floor Observation System)

German: Ocean Floor Observation System (OFOS)

Gear construction: 1x SDI-HD-Video-Camera (1080i, 720p), 4x UW-LED, 3x Laser, 1x Photo-Camera (>30 Megapixel), 2x Flashlights, 1x Altimeter

Dimensions: 1.65 x 1.33 x 1.25 m

Deployment: On the R/V Sonne the OFOS is deployed over the starboard side, connected to a fibre optic cable. The OFOS is lowered to about 1.5 m above the seafloor, and the ship tows the OFOS while images are relayed to the ship in real time.

Maximum Depth: 6,000 m

Follow-up work: High definition video and still images are captured during each OFOS dive, which are saved for future analysis.

Samples / Results: OFOS images and video are used to help describe the sampling stations, in terms of landscape and fauna, and are also used for descriptions of novel observations and for quantitative analysis to compare occurrence of different species and features at the sampling stations.

The OFOS is waiting in the hangar to be deployed.
The WTD (Scientific Technical Service) is putting the finishing touches on. This also includes the connection to the power supply and the data line.
Test the downward-facing headlights.
OFOS in the sunset.
The OFOS is used.