Agassiz Trawl (AGT)

German: Agassiz Trawl (AGT)

Gear construction: Double-sided, D-shaped runners and a net with a mesh size of 1 cm

Dimensions: 8.7 x 3.5 x 0.7 m

Weight: ~ 200 kg

Deployment: On the R/V Sonne the AGT is deployed over the starboard side and the winch pulls the gear over a section of the seafloor.

Maximum Depth: Full Ocean Depth

Follow-up work: To preserve the animals from the trawl, the mud is carefully sieved through a series of decreasing size sieves: 1 mm – 500 μm. All specimens are picked out as quickly as possible and preserved for further studies. We photograph some of the specimens before preservation to document their live colors and shape.

Samples / Results: Qualitative samples of the benthic mega-epifauna, as well as some of the infauna and bentho-pelagic fauna.

Unboxing – The whole team is needed to unload the individual parts. Here, the support tube of the sledge is being unloaded, to which the runners and the net are attached.
The AGT is created in a short time from the carrier tube, runners and net.
Ready for use AGT. With new net and lashed on deck.
Insertion of the AGT.
Night operation.
A full AGT comes on board.
Sustainability also applies on board. Broken nets are mended and reused.