Multibeam Echosounder (MBES)

German: Fächerecholot (Multibeam)

Gear construction: Acoustic Transmitter and an array of hydrophones on the hull of the ship


Deployment: Sound waves are transmitted from the hull of the ship and the reflected signals from the seafloor are detected. By the measured two-way travel times and the known sound velocity profile (e. g. from the CTD) the water depths of several points on the seafloor can be calculated.

Maximum Depth: 11,000 m

Follow-up work: Cleaning of erroneous values and grid creation

Samples / Results: Raw and processed data as well as bathymetry and backscatter maps of the seafloor

Station plan of the AleutBio expedition. The maps generated with the data from the multibeam echo sounder are used for the detailed planning of the stations.
The data from the surveys are not only used for expedition planning, but are also made available internationally. The picture shows a map based on satellite data on the left and the same area after the survey on the right. 
A deep-sea mountain.
Overview of a mapping process.
Each section overlaps 50 per cent with the one next to it to increase accuracy.
A raw data overview.
The transmitter and receiver units of a multibeam echosounder (not RV Sonne). Lengthwise, the receiver with a length of approx. 16 m. Perpendicular to this, across the hull, the transmitter.