swarm, the (noun)

According to the German Duden, “a large number of [disorderly] swarming together moving similar animals, people” or “someone who is adored enthusiastically” (but that should not be discussed further here:-). Here we mean rather the film adaptation of the novel by Frank Schätzing, which is coming out this week as a series, accompanied by a series of documentaries and reports in which “the Sonne” and “AleutBio” play a significant role.

Last year we were accompanied by a cameraman for six weeks during our expedition (some people remember Pablo and his post), we went through all the ups and downs of our mission with him and have been eagerly awaiting the result ever since. And that’s something to be proud of: a short documentary in which Andreas and the EBS team (Nils😊) play a major role, and a longer documentary about the deep sea.

We also had to wait a long, or much longer, time for the film adaptation of “Der Schwarm”; since its publication in 2004 it has been considered a “standard work” among marine biologists and has been a constant companion on long research trips (although it has probably triggered a complete mental cinema in some – keyword methane bubbles or monster waves- who then prefer to read it with solid ground under their feet). According to Schätzing, the film version has now missed the connection to modern age – twenty years is a long time, not only in science. Nevertheless, our (television) program for the coming days is fixed, not excluded from ‘swarming’ (and thus everything back to the beginning, check out Duden:).

Our best wishes & enjoy!

Steffi, Andreas, Davide & Freddy